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Community Rules [ONTD_MUSE]

Community Rules
(yes, this community rules, but we also have rules so you'd better follow them)

#01: NO SPAM

This is pretty simple: before posting an entry, check these out:

- is it about Muse (y'know, that band)? 
- is it about something that hasn't been posted before?

If the answer to both these questions is "yes" then, by all means, go ahead and post! :D
If the answer to even just one of these questions is "no" (especially the first one, I mean - kittens are cute and everything but unless it's the band's kittens maybe you should talk about it somewhere else?) then... STOP RIGHT THERE or we'll spam your inbox with pictures of Matt's butt. 


While we do love our King Troll a.k.a. Tom Kirk, this is really not the place to post fake news or stuff that could lead to arguing etc.

#03: NO HATE

 Again, very simple: we love Muse. This is a community for Muse-lovers, not Muse-haters. Teasing band-members is fine (I'd go as far as to say it's our job here, lol), but please, please, please, don't hate on the band members, don't hate on their entourage, family, girlfriends, cats, whatever - and don't even think of making fun of their fans. 

Hate will not be tolerated. Love is our resistance. #cheese


Yes, yes, we know - it's everywhere, but we don't want paparazzi pictures or petty gossip here. 

This Community is first and foremost about the band: we respects the boys' privacy, and so should you. 
Posting of paparazzi photos and articles is
restricted. We leave it at your discretion to judge if something really has to be posted, but just keep in mind: we all enjoy a picture of our favourite dork singer, pornstar drummer or manly beast, but do we really need to see their family or girlfriends too?
ONTD_MUSE moderators will therefore reserve the right to delete your entry or even comment if we find it to be a breach of this policy.

Moreover, we friendly remind you that, even on approved gossipy-posts, bashing/trashtalk will not be tolerated (see rule #03)


If your entry has more than one picture/video/gif etc, make sure to use a cut! We love pictures and we encourage you to post them, but we also want to keep our page relatively clean and readable, so... just put them under a snip snip snip. :)

EDIT: changing rule Nr. 04 from "NO GOSSIP" to "RESPECT THE BAND'S PRIVACY". Thanks to [personal profile] mcsparklez for coming up with the proper wording!

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[personal profile] nuraicha 2017-04-18 05:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Read and understood! But I have a doubt regarding rule number 4. The exception also includes pics taken with fans or pics of them posted by other celebs? (like, their girlfriends or friends)
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[personal profile] nuraicha 2017-05-24 03:55 pm (UTC)(link)
If Elle didn't accompany those posts with lots of diabetes-inflicting things, I'd say to post but... She's a bit of a sore spot in the fandom, better avoid any hater-reaction xD